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Peanut Farm Car Show -Steve
There was a small car show at the Peanut Farm (
local restaurant) about 50 cars in attendance, here are a few of my favorites:



Car Shows & Cruises -Steve
We are trying to spend as much time as we can hitting all the local car shows and cruises this summer. I'll post pictures from some of the events as they happen but the BIG shows are in August so stay tuned!!

Death Of A Race Car -Steve
Most of you will remember my friend John's race car I showed you last year in May:


Well, after a custom paint job and a few runs in the 8's, John wrecked his car and what you see here is the aftermath. Ouch.


The good news is that, even though the car was a total loss, the driver walked away with no injuries...aside from a broken heart. Damn shame to see the car end up like this but John already has another car ready to roll this coming weekend. 

Inside The Burnout -Steve
Ever wonder what it looks like on the inside of the car while you are doing donuts in your car? Well, thanks to my camera man (my son Sebastian) you can get an inside look at a donut in progress:

07.06.07 -Steve
As promised, here are a handful of pictures from our road trip around the great state of Alaska. Enjoy! 





Road Trip -Steve
I'll have pictures posted from my 10 day vacation / road trip this weekend. We took the Camaro on a road trip across Alaska to stretch its legs and see the country side from a 35 year old classic muscle car.  Stay tuned! 

Upgrades -Steve
I upgraded my workstation a bit, added three new 22" Samsung monitors to replace my aging 20" monitors. The added desktop real estate is nice and so much easier on the eyes. Here's a link to the new office pics and a picture of my new monitors: 

07.04.07 -Steve
We attended a mass swear-in during Military Appreciation Day at a local baseball game. The governor and mayor were both on hand for the event and the turnout for the new recruits was good (
except the Army).  My daughter joined the Air Force as a Mechanical Engineer. 

I'm Baaack!!!! -Steve
O.K. we have everything back on track now so expect regular updates now (t
hat everyone will be able to see). We have a bunch of stuff to catch up on, I want to talk about the Halo 3 Zune we got last month, pretty damn spanky and definitely the Zune to get if you are planning on buying.  Check it out: 


Moving Servers -Steve
Most of you that are [H]ardOCP readers know we have been moving our servers from one facility to another, etc. etc. etc. Look for regular updates to Hypothermia to resume starting in July. I apologize for the lack of updates and content but, as you can imagine, it is hard to update while we are moving servers. 

05.21.07 -Steve
So it looks like all the updates and news for May are a total wash but the good news is that we know that letting the domain expire was the reason behind the update issues so all is good now. 

Website Issues -Steve
So, after all the tweaking and the lengthy late-night "find-and-fix" sessions....I finally found out what was wrong with the site and why a whole month worth of updates hasn't showed up:

I accidentally let one of my domain names expire. 

Anyone trying to hit the site on that name was getting broken images and no updates. Everyone else was just fine. SO, please make sure you update your bookmarks to www.hypothermia.us or www.stevenlynch.net and you'll be fine. I am in the process of fixing everything else as I get the time but it is going to take a while. As of today (May 10th) I have most of the front page issues fixed, shoot me a line of you find anything out of whack. 

04.12.07 -Steve
Thanks to the guys at Folding@Home, I have my PS3 folding proteins 24/7. For those of you that might not know this, we have the number #1 folding team on the planet...we even beat out Google for the top spot. If you have a PS3...join team #33 and be part of the number one team on the planet! 

04.10.07 -Steve
Been driving the car on the weekends, roads are almost nice enough to take a nice long road trip for the weekend. 

04.08.07 -Steve
My review of the PlayStation 3 is live, my only real complaint is the insanely high price. My review unit, with an extra controller, two games and component cables came to almost $810 at retail pricing....that is just too damn much for ANY console. 

Apology  -Steve
The more I think about it, the more I have come to realize that even if the person responsible for trying to boost my profile rank doesn't apologize to the crew at 360Voice, I need to. C'mon you guys, we have forums with 82,500 members, at any given time there are 2,000+ members in our forums posting, if you want to be messing around somewhere, do it there. 

04.05.07 -Steve
One of you guys have caused a lot of problems for the people over at 360Voice and it just isn't cool at all. Artificially boosting my rank in any online "popularity contest" is lame and only reflects poorly on us as a whole. Making matters worse, it is someone that lives up here . Please, the guys at 360 Voice bust their asses for the community and work really hard to make sure you have something cool that doesn't cost you a penny. Trying to boost my profile to the top is totally unnecessary and you should, at the very least, APOLOGIZE. Hopefully, my profile is removed from their system completely to keep this from ever happening again. To Trapper Markelz and Steve Sopp, I can only say I am deeply sorry for the headache we have caused. 

04.01.07 -Steve
Here's a good trick you can pull on people on April 1st....I did it this year...turn off you phone, cell phone, PC, e-mail and spend the day at the park, on a road trip, at the zoo or anywhere else you can avoid jackasses that want to prank you. It's relaxing...really. In my case, I had a road trip to make anyway, I have to work while I am on the trip, but still a road trip.  

03.30.07 -Steve
Does anyone know anything about these MojoPlay MP_920XB LCDs for the Xbox 360? I posted a link to them on [H]ardOCP today but not many people knew much about them. 

03.28.07 -Steve
The new Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite is official. If I was buying a 360 today, it would be the Elite. Since I have a few 360s already, that new 120GB hard drive is what I have my eye on. I can't wait! 

03.24.07 -Steve
I am in the process of lining up an interview with the folks at Massive, the in-game ad people. If you've played Rainbow Six: Vegas or Crackdown, you've seen their work. 

As I said in my RB6: Vegas review, we feel that in-game ads can be done right...and...if done so, they will benefit gamers AND companies...but this is what (I feel) needs to happen:

First of all, we like the idea of real world products used in games because we feel that it lends a bit of authenticity to a game that is striving for the look and feel of “real-world” environments. While this is a hot topic and some people may disagree, it just feels better to us to see a billboard for a real product instead the "place holder" feel of generic "made-up" products.

With that said, if you are going to use real world products for advertising in your game, two things need to happen. The first thing you should do is add more variety or don’t bother. Having AXE shower gel ads in your game is fine but seeing them three thousand times per level is lame. So if you are going to do in-game product placement, make sure you don’t leave out the variety, otherwise you’ll end up with a game where the whole city of Las Vegas drives Dodge cars and trucks, uses AXE deodorant and Dell PCs. 

Next, if you are going to use in game advertising to supplement your development budget, please pass the savings on to the consumer. We know the industry wide standard response to this criticism is “we are defraying development costs” but it just doesn’t seem to ring true. Plenty of developers that are producing triple A titles offer the same price point for their game (and cheaper) without the luxury of the added revenue of in-game advertisements. These games provide an equally enjoyable experience, sometimes even more, for the same price as titles that are generating revenue through in game advertisements. 

So, the message here is this: Most people actually like to see a real Coke or Pepsi machine in game versus a “soda” or “cola” machine. The majority of gamers we know like to shoot the crap out of a Corvette, Mustang or Viper versus dumping a clip into an imaginary vehicle like “Dominator 2000”. All we’d like to see is a little more variety and maybe pass some of the savings on to the consumer. 

Am I right? Wrong? Whacked out of my melon? 

03.22.07 -Steve
We did basic maintenance around here, cleaned up the index page, trimmed it down...archived what needed to be archived and so on. Hopefully that will help with loading issues some of you are having...at the very least it will cut down on load times. 

03.18.07 -Steve
For those of you that asked about the contests and giveaways, we might start doing it again someday but, until I can do them right, I won't be doing them. Maybe a collaboration or something would be good, who knows. I'll keep you guys posted.  

03.14.07 -Steve
There are still a few of you out there having problems with the page updating correctly, I have it trimmed down to about 1% of my visitors but it still happens and to you guys that are seeing this, I apologize. I'll get it 100%....eventually.

03.11.07 -Steve
I've been messing with the PS3 leading up to my review and I have to say that I totally dig on the hardware and the potential but I have a few serious reservations about the system and the main one has to be the price. The complete system review is coming soon.  

03.06.07 -Steve
You guys have got to check out my Xbox 360 custom chrome case review. If you have a Xbox 360 that is out of warranty, I highly recommend this mod.   

03.03.07 -Steve
Crackdown is the new CRACK!!!! Don't have it? GET IT!!! Do not mind the crappy commercials and trailers for this game...they are not representative of actual game play. Trust me on this one. Full review coming soon! 

02.28.07 -Steve
Today is technically my anniversary. I know you are wondering what the hell I mean by "technically"...well, don't get me wrong, there isn't a day that goes by that I wouldn't marry my wife all over again. I say "technically" because my wife and I were married on February 29th (
Leap Year Day). I actually thought I was being slick by having an anniversary that comes only once every 4 years but it backfired. Not only do we celebrate on the 28th, but we celebrate on the 1st as well. Ouch! 

02.25.07 -Steve
My article on complete custom Xbox 360 case replacement will be online soon...I'll post a teaser picture soon!

02.22.07 -Steve
If you have never had the opportunity to see World Champion Gemma Nguyen in action, you need to watch this. Matter o' fact, I recommend that all of you search her name on YouTube and watch this amazingly talented girl in action. How she is not totally famous by now is beyond me.  

02.20.07 -Steve
My Rainbow Six: Vegas review is online, check it out....you'll be glad you did. 

02.18.07 -Steve
O.K. I have a rant / something I want to get off my chest. First of all, most of you know...I'm 38 years old and I've been married for 18 years. I have a lot of female friends (
young, old, big, little, famous, gamers), each and every one is beautiful to me and I value their friendship. Some of these ladies play games on Xbox Live with my son and I and we have a complete blast but there are times...and this is the subject of my rant...there are people on line that act so poorly towards women that I am actually embarrassed to be a member of the male species.   

I am absolutely astounded how many times my friends and I can go online, look for a server to play on and the minute we get there it turns into a free for all harassment of the women online. It usually starts out with the "Hey <insert female gamertag>, are you really a girl?" comments. When the answer is positive, it quickly turns into requests for the female player to join their team OR they bypass the formalities altogether and just start in with the crude remarks. God forbid she is BETTER than them because then it gets downright nasty. 

Anyhow, if you are a guy and you wonder why all the girls are playing with A.) other girls B.) crusty old married guys C.) 12 year old boys...it's probably because we aren't hitting on them, insulting them or pestering them for private chat all night. Believe it or not, they might be actually trying to play the GAME. And one more thing...before you let the word "bitch", "ho" or "slut" fall out of your mouth, try to remember that the person you are playing with is somebody's daughter, sister, mother or wife. Imagine someone talking the way you are to your mom. Not too funny now is it? Anyhow, that is my rant.

02.16.07 -Steve
I am simultaneously working on my Rainbow Six: Vegas review and a complete Xbox 360 case replacement article as we speak, the RB6: Vegas should be up soon. As always, if you see either Hypothermia or HConsole gamertag online playing, hit me up so we can play.  

Valentine's Day -Steve
Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget the chocolates & flowers! If you are married....don't forget the jewelry & day spa (
to go with the aforementioned chocolates and flowers)!

02.13.07 -Steve
After seeing the pictures of my office I posted on the 15th of January (
see below) everyone keeps asking my how big our projection screen is. The technical answer is 160" diagonally from top left to bottom right. The easiest way it to give you a size comparison:

02.10.07 -Steve
I have put a complete collection of professionally graded X-Men comics online from the very first issues in 1963 thru issue number #166 published in 1983. Over the last five years I have built a complete X-Men collection in the highest NM (CGC graded) condition I could find. My collection is finally done, which leaves me with an almost complete collection of CGC & PGX graded comics left over that I am selling on eBay. 

02.05.07 -Steve
Head on over to [H] Console and read my review of the Nintendo Wii.  

02.01.07 -Steve
My chrome Xbox 360 Case came in today. The fine folks at Decal Girl offer this case for under $50, so if your 360 is already out of warranty, I highly recommend you grab this case as it turns your 360 into a work of art! Beautiful, don't you think? 

01.29.07 -Steve
My interview with the Xbox 360 HD-DVD development team is online. If you ever wanted to know how much blood, sweat, and tears  went into making the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player, read my interview at [H] Console and find out.  

01.25.07 -Steve
Unlike most people, I am REQUIRED to buy all the major game consoles because it is my job. Having said that, it doesn't lessen the blow of paying $760 for a 60GB unit, 1 controller and 2 games. With shipping, it was almost $810...and that is at retail prices. Ouch. Resistance: Fall Of Man is pretty damn nice, but Call of Duty 3 doesn't look as good as the Xbox 360 version. I am predicting a rough road for the PS3 ahead unless they cut prices. Unfortunately, Sony is already losing over $300 per console, so I doubt there will be a significant price cut any time soon. 

01.22.07 -Steve
Great news, I finally got a new Wii and Microsoft has agreed to replace my console (
see my post on 11-7-06 below)! There is a new team at MS dedicated to handling cases like mine where the case has fallen through the cracks or merits special consideration. Kudos to MS for making a bad situation good again. 

01.20.07 -Steve
As promised, pictures of the lovely snow we have up here...INSANE!

01.15.07 -Steve
I'm not sure why anyone actually cares what my office space actually looks like, but I get about 50 requests a week to see it so I made a small space that has a few pictures. I'll upload a movie eventually too. Click the picture below for the link:

(I have just about everything a gamer could want...killer PCs, 360's, PS3, Wii, Xbox, PSP, DS Lite, PS2, GC, HD-DVD, HDTV, HD-Projector, 160" screen)

01.12.07 -Steve
My luck has made a turn for the better, I found a brand new Wii and all it cost me was a new Xbox 360 core as a swap. Sweetness. 

01.11.07 -Steve
Our review of the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel is online, head on over and see what you think! 

01.10.07 -Steve
I finally get through to a PR person to get a replacement Wii, the send me a "loaner" and it arrives (via FedEx) crushed. Ha! How does the old saying "if it wasn't for bad luck...". Yeah, that's pretty much me at this point.  

01.09.07 -Steve
Make sure you head over to [H] Console and read our BEST OF 2006 AWARDS. Let me know what you think. 

01.03.07 -Steve
Still no Wii and still no word on my Xbox 360 getting fixed...but I did get something really cool for the new year....RECORD AMOUNTS OF SNOW! I'll post pictures soon. 

01.01.07 -Steve
It seems like only yesterday that it was 2006. Wait a minute...it was. Never mind. 

12.29.06 -Steve
Here's to a great new year! Maybe I can get a Wii to finish my review and my Xbox 360 repaired! 

12.27.06 -Steve
To everyone that asked why we didn't do any donation drives for Christmas or Child's Play this year, the answer is simple (and sad); I simply do not have the time to do them / run them properly any more like I used to. Quite honestly, it would take someone dedicated solely to that here to keep everything straight and I just don't have the time or resources to do it. Maybe that will change in the future and if it does I will let you know. In the mean time, I'll just make sure I have links up for you guys to head over and donate during the holidays.


12.24.06 -Steve
For those of you that suggested I get an expedited return on my Wii, here is the funny story behind why I didn't and why I still don't have a new Wii:

My Nintendo PR rep, after ignoring me for months, said she would have me a Wii by "the end of the week". She sent me forms to fill out and FAX back to her the same day. I returned my dead Wii to the store...thinking I had one on the way. That was a month ago and still no Wii and you can't find one in a store. Good thing she doesn't return phone calls and e-mail either. 

Yes, I have no one but myself to blame for believing her. Ugh.

12.22.06 -Steve
I have had some of the most unbelievably horrendous luck with consoles lately. I had one of my Xbox 360s die on me, a brand new Wii go bad during the first auto update and then the DVD drive on another 360 just quit spinning. No luck on finding a PS3 at all...ugh. I hate consoles some times. 

12.20.06 -Steve
You know you are getting old when all you want for Christmas is peace and quiet. 

12.18.06 -Steve
As promised, here is the video of my car...start to finish...being restored. Every nut, bolt, body panel, interior item, bumper glass, etc. etc. has been replaced. The 350ci engine and the 12 bolt posi was rebuilt, all the numbers match but a new 700R4 overdrive was installed, electric fans and an all steel cowl induction hood were added along with misc. updated items (
Demon carb, Unilite, RPM Air Gap intake, etc.)

12.17.06 -Steve
I took all the pictures from my four month restoration of a 1972 SS Camaro and made a video slideshow, complete with goofy music, and slapped it up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. It is amazing the things I have been through with this car (
I've owned it for the last 20 years) and it was literally inches away from being sold so I could buy a 1963 Corvette when my wife talked me into restoring it. It is now such a part of my family I don't think I could ever part with it. As soon as the video is hosted and ready I'll post it here. 

12.13.06 -Steve
Our review of the new Xbox 360 Video Marketplace is live at [H]Console. If you want high definition TV shows and movies on your Xbox 360, make sure you give this review a look.

12.10.06 -Steve
So what is with interview questions that always ask "who is your hero?" I was recently asked that and the first thing that came to my head is this: 

If you are a parent, you are the hero...don't be afraid to wear the cape. 

12.05.06 -Steve
So this month has been a bad one for consoles in my office. First, I get the red-rings-o-death (see below) on one of my Xbox 360s. Ms took took total care of me, and I'm back in action. That same week, I bought a Nintendo Wii for review...it bricks on my when I do the mandatory update. I get the dreaded error code 110213 and the console reboots constantly. I am STILL waiting on a replacement. The SAD part is, I have a Nintendo PR rep that is supposed to be "taking care of me" with a loaner that is a complete no show after 4 weeks. 

12.03.06 -Steve
Make sure you give to Child's Play Charity this year, whether it be cash donation or a toy for a child stuck in the hospital during the holidays. The guys at Penny Arcade are doing a great thing and we want them to know you are behind them 110%. 

PS3 Autographed By Asia Carrera -Steve
Want a PS3 for Christmas? How about a PS3 that comes straight from the lovely Asia Carrera, complete with an autographed picture of her holding the PS3 you just bought? Now that is a one of a kind PS3 that no one else can claim they have. Head on over and check out the auction, it goes to a good cause, Asia's family. 

11.28.06 -Steve
My Xbox 360 Wireless Headset review is live, definitely a must have for 360 owners. On a sad note, my Xbox 360 came back to me today unrepaired. I'm holding off on making a big deal out of this, I want to see how this is going to be handled. I was basically told that not only was my console not fixed, they will never fix it due to tampering. Other than a faceplate, nothing has ever been done to this console and the foil tape on the console is 100% still intact.  No need to panic just yet, this could just be a decision by some low level repair center employee that can be easily remedied.....stay tuned.

11.26.06 -Steve
Two weeks and no news on my dead 360. 

11.23.06 -Steve
The Xbox 360 that died on me the other day is still at the repair center. This console has a pretty interesting history...when I got it new, it was DOA. I sent it in for repairs and Microsoft LOST it for a month and a half. When I got it back, it lasted a couple months and then the red rings of death happened. It must be bad luck because my other Xbox 360 has never had a single problem. 

11.20.06 -Steve
Speaking of reviews, I have a posted a total of 45 console reviews so far this year, hit the REVIEWS SECTION and give them a read. I am extremely proud of the work I've done on each and every review, please feel free to give me your feedback, good, bad or otherwise...it is always welcomed. 

Microsoft Wireless Products -Steve
We have Microsoft's wireless headset and wireless steering wheel in the test labs as we speak, really cool stuff, separate reviews (for each product) coming soon. Stay tuned!  

PS3 & Wii -Steve
Getting your hands on a PS3 or the Wii ought to be interesting. It seems that most people that got their hands on a PS3 only did so with the intention of putting it on eBay. The funny part is, they aren't selling for the astronomical amounts ($1000 and up) that people thought they would. Now that is funny. Anyhow, even review sites are having a hard time getting these highly sought after consoles. I'll have my Wii review up fairly soon at [H] Console, PS3 is still TBA.   

11.14.06 -Steve
Every time I publish a new review, inevitably someone always asks me, who does all your logos and artwork? The answer is "ME". All my reviews are done by me, the writing, artwork, logos and screenshots. So, for those of you wondering, there you have it! 

Gears of War Review -Steve
My review of Gears Of War is online, if you haven't had the chance, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Overall, a very good game but there were a few technical difficulties that need to be addressed for sure. Head on over and tell me what you think. 

11.09.06 -Steve
The good news is that Microsoft has extended the warranties of all first-gen consoles, in a matter of 10 minutes I had an RMA number and DHL will be here tomorrow to pick up my 360.

Red Ring O' Death -Steve
One of the worst things that can ever happen to a console owner happened today...one of my Xbox 360s started flashing the red ring of death. It was rather comical, I was getting some game play footage for our review of Gears of War and the 360 croaked when I turned it on. Pretty funny (all things considered), here's the video:

11.06.06 -Steve
LEGO Star Wars II is a truly great family game. We just couldn't put the game down when we reviewed it, plus those of us with kids now have another game we can sit down and play with the whole family.   

Gears Of War Arrives -Steve
We'll have a full review of Gears Of War soon, our copy just came...it should be at your local retailer next week. Reviewing games does have it's perks! 

11.02.06 -Steve
I've been extremely busy around here lately, well....more like the last 8 months have been insanely busy. Check out my review of the Xbox Live Vision over at [H] Console, these are awesome little devices and are extremely inexpensive. 

10.30.06 -Steve
We have posted one of the most in-depth articles on Microsoft's Xbox Live service ever written. If you want to know how the whole Xbox Live system works, step inside the Xbox Live Operation Center

10.29.06 -Steve
For all you Half Life 2 fans, our friends over at Valve posted this awesome idea for a Halloween costume! Nothing like a case of the crabs to kick things off this Halloween. Headcrabs that is:

10.28.06 -Steve
Damn it. This is what happens when you procrastinate about putting your car away in storage for the winter....real smooth. 

Xbox Live Friends List -Steve
For all of you that have sent friends request, here's the scoop: My Hypothermia Xbox Live account is full, I have 99 friends on it...BUT...my HConsole Xbox 360 is only at 50 people right now so send your friends requests to that Xbox 360 instead of the Hypothermia one so I can add you. Coolio?  Look on the lower left hand side of the page for both profiles. 

10.22.06 -Steve
If you don't have an Xbox Live Vision camera yet for your Xbox 360, make sure you get one. My review will be posted early this week, make sure you give it a read and then get yourself one. 

10.20.06 -Steve
If you think I have lots to say, you should hear what my Xbox 360 has to say...the damn thing is waaaay more vocal than I am...and, apparently, a lot more popular than I am too!! If your Xbox 360 isn't blogging yet, you are seriously missing out. All the cool kids are doing it. 

10.16.06 -Steve
In 3 days everyone in my state gets this cool thing called the Alaska PFD. While most states only tax the hell out of its residents, our state has no sales tax, no state tax and the state actually pays us to live here. Once a year, based on dividends our state earns from oil revenue, each and every person gets anywhere from $600 - $1,500. This year we all get $1,107 each, so a family of four would get just over $4,400 for living in this state. 

This is a blessing and a curse. The blessing part is obvious...FREE MONEY!!! The curse part is that it is quite possibly the worst time of the year to try to shop. If you can get out the week before and make your major purchases...do it. Once the payments hit, everybody hits the stores with a vengeance and snap up every consumer electronics device know to man. I literally saw a palette of Xbox 360s sold in less than 6 hours. Wow. 

10.13.06 -Steve
It looks like weather is going to hold out long enough for me to get the car out for at least more weekend before the snow hits the ground. The worst part about winter is having to put my car away.

10.09.06 -Steve
After discovering a serious glitch in
Saints Row during our review process, our review is finally online and ready for your consumption. I also added all our game / console reviews to the review section. Scroll through them and let me know what you think! 

10.05.06 -Steve
I need to find a sponsor for two Dell 2007FP LCDs. I don't need the widescreen model, just two of the regular 2007FP. These are going to be used for the next Killer Gaming Rig so if you know of someone at Dell or a company that has access to these, let me know. I can also do some wheelin' and dealing - trading for two of these if need be. They are fairly inexpensive (
about $350 each online) so maybe someone might want / need something I have and we can do some horse tradin'. A nice PC for these two monitors maybe? Anyhow, I am open for suggestions, let me know here

10.01.06 -Steve
Apparently there are a ton of you that liked the clips of me doing burnouts / donuts in the [H] Camaro so I thought I'd do another one before I put the car away for the winter. My son and I took a handful of his other 6th grade friends out for a day of movies, video games and cruisin', they seemed to like the burnout as well. 

All children were kept a safe distance from the vehicle and at no time did they ride in the vehicle during these stunts. All driving was performed on a closed course by a non-professional driver. Any similarities between persons living or dead is purely coincidental. No animals were used during the filming of this video. Please do not attempt these stunts at home. Hypothermia accepts no responsibility for the health and welfare of your tires. Smoking tires have been known to lead to premature birth, low birth weight and irregular heartbeat. The donuts you see here contain zero calories, no fat, zero grams of Trans Fat and provide 100% of your RDA of adrenaline.

09.26.06 -Steve
So I am starting my review of Saints Row for the Xbox 360 when I realized that the in-game character creation system can make for some pretty accurate...even a bit spooky if you ask me. Here is my character compared to a picture of me. Heh, pretty close, except he is skinnier and better looking:

09.21.06 -Steve
You have got to be kidding, right? Pirated DVD sniffing dogs? I would imagine just the smell of my collection would send these dogs into a coma. We have close to 2,000 DVDs now, this picture here is from last year at about the 1,500-1,600 mark:

Greatest Movie Ever -Steve
Frankie Muniz's new movie, Stay Alive, is quite possibly the greatest movie of all time. I know you might be thinking "Gone with the Wind" or some other movie but I am here to tell you right now, Stay Alive is the greatest movie ever...and I'll tell you why: 50 minutes into the movie...check out the shirt this guy is wearing:

That's right, he's sporting the [H] baby! Yes, we have stars like Elijah Wood, Kevin Spacey and Shaq that are regular readers. Yes, we have plenty of famous people AND the lovely Asia Carrera sporting our shirts all the time. But this is the first time our shirts have ever been in a feature film and it is pretty damn cool. Oddly enough, the suit of Samurai armor I bought for my wife a few years ago was used as a prop in Agent Cody Banks II, another Frankie Muniz movie. 

YouTube Test Video -Steve
This is just a test to see how well YouTube video works on the site, whether or not it causes any problems etc. etc. 

09.13.06 -Steve
I did it, I figured it out! The problem behind the page refreshing was code in the page used to track website traffic. The Google Analytics tracking code was messing things up, I have it fixed now so everyone should be seeing site updates as soon as they happen...or, for some of you...a whole bunch all at once, but the problem is now remedied for good.  

09.11.06 -Steve
Today is Patriot Day. It has been 5 years since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 but we have not forgotten the impact those attacks had on our country and our lives. Please, take a moment today to remember those who lost their lives on that day, their families and loved ones. Also, make sure that you give thanks to the men and women of the military, law enforcement and emergency services that are laying their lives on the line every day to make sure we are not attacked again. They are true patriots and this day is theirs.

On the fifth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, we recall the fire and horror at the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field. America will always remember the thousands of innocent lives taken by the enemies of freedom that morning. In the face of these unspeakable attacks, we were reminded that the great strength of America is found in the hearts and souls of our citizens. We witnessed firefighters, police officers, other public safety officials, and ordinary Americans demonstrate extraordinary courage, risking their lives to save innocent victims. We saw our country united in compassion as Americans came together to provide relief and bring hope to others.

Office Upgrades -Steve
I am upgrading the three editors systems here in the Hypothermia / [H] offices. For the last 12 - 18 months we have been using all small form factor systems and, although they are convenient, they are getting a bit long in the tooth (
AGP slots, solder sockets, etc.). Thanks to Kyle, ATi and the fine folks at Corsair, we have some awesome new machines going together that should keep us up to date and our upgrade paths open for a long time. 

Refresh Issues -Steve
I am still getting reports from readers of refresh issues, I am literally at my wits end with this, some people don't see any updates for a week and then get hit with a weeks worth all at once. I have one more thing to try this weekend, we'll see if that fixes it or not.  

09.04.06 -Steve
I have another Killer Gaming Rig coming up soon, be ready for that. I am gathering up a list of the greatest components known to man for another super awesome KGR! 

09.01.06 -Steve
Holy cow, September is here already. Damn.







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